A Diversified Rework Company

Providing rework services throughout all industries!

In the early 1980s, Ron and Doris Burk formed Quality Casuals, a footwear manufacturing facility located in Duncansville, PA. As domestic trends shifted to importing more footwear from low-cost overseas facilities, so brought about an increase of defective products arriving in the United States. One thing Ron and Doris discovered was the number of quality issues that only became apparent once many of these imports had arrived in the U.S. Drawing from their technical expertise, as well as industry insight, Ron and Doris changed their business strategy to serve clients with even more valuable service needs.  That being, to provide the highest level of inspection, repair and rework on defective products.

In 1986, Quality Corrections & Inspections was founded as a diversified rework facility to meet the changing needs of the industry. Their Central Pennsylvania headquarters is conveniently situated near East Coast ports. The facility offers approximately 60,000 square feet of space, a full line of industry equipment and a well-trained staff of skilled quality assurance and production technicians. As the demand for rework services increased, so did the need for a location on the West Coast.

In 2003, Henderson, NV became the second home for the rapidly growing business. The West Coast location was specifically chosen to meet the demands of our West Coast clients and service the Los Angeles, Long Beach and Seattle ports. Drawing from a pool of seasoned technicians familiar with the industry, in addition to boasting a 40,000-square-foot production center, this second rework facility quickly established itself as an attractive resource for valued customers out west.

Quality Corrections & Inspections continues to grow as new and old clients call upon us to help them with unique and diverse challenges to their production and quality assurance processes. The standard services of simply providing inspection, repair, and rework exponentially grew to include a vast array of outsourcing services. Product repackaging, sorting and display assembly are just a few of the services that grew in demand.

Through the years, one constant remains – the tradition of truly partnering with our clients by offering the highest quality standards for repair, rework and inspection with a superior workforce that is trained, supervised and equipped to carry out tasks from simple to complex.