Case Studies of a Rework Facility

Learn how Quality Corrections & Inspections has served as a valuable rework provider to their clients.


Out Of The Box For Big-Box

Quality Corrections & Inspections received a call from the Director of QA of a big box retailer that had just received multiple containers from Asia containing over 85,000 pairs of footwear contaminated with mold.  Despite the factory’s quality assurance processes, the torrential rains of the Asian monsoon season bred mold spores that further incubated during freight travels to our shores. Concerned with the mold issue and the fact that these containers were located at several distribution centers around the country, they asked if we could help.  We were able to explain that mold remediation was a service we have offered throughout the 25 years of our company.  Because time was of the essence, we arranged for a case of sample pairs to be sent to our facility for analysis and costing.  We developed a cost-efficient resolution to clean and sanitize the footwear utilizing our proprietary process in addition to our ozone chamber.  The customer was very satisfied with our cost-effective solution and approved the entire shipment of goods be sent to both our East and West Coast rework facilities for cleaning.  QCI quickly ramped up and was processing and cleaning over 10,000 pairs per day between both facilities.  We worked closely with the customer’s logistics team to coordinate the freight to and from their regional distribution centers to our facilities.  Our ability to permanently remove the mold and odor of these goods allowed our client to retain these goods as first quality and retain their sales.

A Race Against The Clock

A buyer from a large department store chain was referred to us by one of our closest, long-term clients.  They had recently received a large shipment of dresses in varying styles and sizes from an Asian manufacturer.  The buyer explained that upon receipt their quality inspection auditors revealed serious defects in the construction, such as loose and broken threads, missing buttons, staining, and incorrect sizing.  What made matters worse is that these styles had already been nationally advertised and their product release dates were only a couple weeks away.   Working with countless clients faced with the same dilemma, we understood the need to develop a multi-phased plan to resolve the issue.  First, we instructed the buyer to send the shipment of goods along with their specific product specifications.  We quickly inspected the shipment to identify those goods that would pass and be suitable for re-sale as first quality units.  These were shipped back to the customer’s distribution center in enough time to be distributed to the stores.  The problem merchandise identified in our quality inspection was divided into two categories, i.e. those we were able to fix and the defective units that were unrepairable.  For the first of the two groups, we systematically instituted our repair processes on each of the defects to bring the dresses to first quality.  We were able to return the restored goods into the DC to be distributed to their stores in time for the promotion.  For the goods that could not be repaired, we were able to destroy these goods and arrange for their proper disposal.  The buyer was not only impressed with our rework capabilities, but also our ability to handle a complex, multi-faceted project, that they stand as one of our strongest clients to date.

Protecting People And Profits

A national big box retailer received over 1 million units of children’s tops for the spring season.  Upon routine initial testing by a nationally accredited testing laboratory, it was determined that the lead content of the buttons was too high and exceeded US Government limitations and CPSC compliance standards.  With the spring season fast approaching, the vendor supplier did not have enough time to return the merchandise overseas for correction and risked immediate loss of profits should they not reach their stores in time.   The Assistant Director of Quality Assurance contacted us with their challenge.   Sensing the urgency, Quality Corrections & Inspections quickly reacted and launched a rework project to remove and replace the non-conforming buttons with lead free hardware.  Utilizing both our highly equipped facilities and our 25 years of industry experience, we quickly tooled up and were able to promptly return the goods to first quality and back in the hands of the retailer on time.

More Than Sweaters And Shoes

We received a call from a national furniture dealer stating that they had received a shipment of leather ottomans, which presented loose or broken legs.  The units had been scattered throughout six of their distributions centers across the United States.  Originally believing that their only recourse was to return the goods overseas, we were able to assure them that a closer evaluation by our company may provide them a more suitable alternative.  The exorbitant delays and costs incurred from shipping product back to overseas factories is something we have always helped clients avoid.  Working quickly on samples, we determined that the defective legs could be removed without permanent damage to the unit itself.  Supplied with replacement components, our most seasoned technicians were able to reattach the new legs utilizing a process that ensured greater stability.  Although our client was initially concerned about the logistics of collecting the ottomans from each of the six D.C.’s, we were able to help alleviate that concern by directly coordinating the distribution from each D.C. based on their proximity to either our East or West Coast facility.  As the goods arrived, we immediately repaired the goods, repackaged and returned back to the D.C. in which they originated.  As a valued added service, we also provided our client written, formal reports as to our analysis and rework processes in an effort to assist them with their factory claim.  The project concluded with such positive results that the same client contacted us a week later with yet another challenge to overcome.

Profiles In Crisis Management

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