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You Have a Problem? We Have a Solution.

Whatever the production challenge, we adhere to strict industry guidelines as well as the specific quality process standards of each customer. We ensure that every project meets with your satisfaction…Guaranteed.

Tell us about your problem and we will develop a practical approach customized to your situation. After receiving samples, our team of quality experts get to work at once. We provide you with all the tools that you need to make an informed decision, including time studies, cost analyses, and an action plan. We examine each project from every angle, conduct our analysis and process a final sample for your approval — usually within 24 to 48 hours!

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Our well-organized, spacious facilities are fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, which allows us to adjust our rework services to the diverse and changing needs of our customers. We are a company with flexible production lines, customizing our rework services to meet the expectations our customers.


Our people are truly committed to our mission. Each project, each task within a process is an important element of ensuring that our customers receive the highest quality services possible. We demonstrate this commitment through our “do whatever it takes and do it right” attitude. Our highly trained supervisors are on the floor at all times, constantly attending to quality process details and monitoring workflow to assure that production standards are maintained. From start to finish, your job is carefully organized and executed per your specific expectations by people who care.


For over 30 years, we have helped clients recover product lines, redeem potentially lost profits and avoid adverse customer relations issues. Whatever production challenge you face, our expert creativity, proven techniques and high-quality processes can help you overcome the problem.

The QCI Approach in Action

Consider our solutions to the dilemmas of these two unique clients:

A cost-efficient resolution for contaminated footwear:

The discovery of more than 85,000 pairs of moldy shoes, located across multiple distribution centers. This posed a significant challenge for a well-known, national retailer. After receiving a case of sample pairs for analysis, our team developed both a time and cost-efficient solution. Shoes from all of the retailers DC’s were shipped to our closest facility. We began the process of mold remediation, cleaning and sanitizing the footwear through our proprietary process. Between our two facilities, we cleaned more than 10,000 pairs each day. The result? Within a matter of weeks all shoes were cleaned and returned to each of the DC’s as first-quality footwear which our client could sell with confidence.

A time-sensitive resolution for defective furniture:

When a shipment of leather ottomans with loose and broken legs arrived, this national furniture retailer was prepared to incur the costs and delays of returning the product to its overseas factories. That is, until they called QCI. Our team coordinated the distribution of these goods to our East and West Coast facilities. During our inspection and grading process our team determined which of the ottomans required repair, while the others could be returned to the retailer’s DC’s. We worked with the retailer and manufacturer to obtain new legs for the ottomans that were damaged. The result? Loss of sales was minimized and floor-ready, first quality merchandise was delivered to the retailer.

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