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Low Per Unit & Freight Costs on Repair, Rework Services

Low Per Unit & Freight Costs on Repair, Rework Services

You’ve opened shipping containers in one of the east or west coast ports.  You find that the consumer goods inside are either moldy, not meeting your quality standards, or are otherwise far from spec.  You know that sinking feeling of having your day, and probably your week, turned upside down. You may begin calculating your losses in time and money, not to mention a potential impact to reputation if the issue isn’t handled quickly and discretely.

At this point you have a few options. You could:

A: Return to vendor (expensive!)
B: Try to fix the goods yourself (impractical)
C: Contact professionals in high volume consumer product repair and rework services

Choosing to work with professionals who make these situations right for a living is the fastest and most cost effective way to go from “oops!” to getting your problem solved quickly.

However, you may be wondering which group of professionals to work with to get your goods restored quickly and completely in a way which is cost-effective and discrete. You may be tempted to send your goods to a small firm that’s nearest you geographically. Here’s why you should choose Quality Corrections and Inspections.


No One Completes More High Volume Repairs

Simply put, no one is better equipped to handle high volume consumer goods repairs than Quality Corrections and Inspections Inc. We repair and restore millions of shirts, hats & gloves, handbags, shoes, consumer goods and more each year. We’ve been doing this for more than 30 years, and we remain unsurpassed in the quality of our work, as well as the efficiency and discretion with which we operate. When it must be done right, by a partner you trust, contact QCI.


Reduced Per Unit Rates

Because we work in such high volumes, our per unit rate for apparel and footwear rework, as well as consumer goods, is significantly lower than most competing bids. We are the industry rework leader with well established processes for repairing or restoring goods to first quality standards, which allows us to pass those efficiencies onto you in the form of a lower cost per unit repaired.

Another factor contributing to lower per unit repair costs is our favorable business locations in Henderson, Nevada and Duncansville, Pennsylvania.  Our location in Henderson, for example, is as close to California as you can get without actually being in the state, and that translates to lower overhead costs, which in turn means we can get more work done for you, for less.

We’re here to help you get past some of the biggest challenges facing today’s importers of consumer goods, apparel, footwear and accessories and, we’ll help you do it for less than other firms.

Nationwide Coverage to Handle Inbound Shipments from Key Ports

Regardless of where your merchandise is coming from, China to India to Bangladesh, QCI has a facility near every major port in the continental United States. Our Duncansville, PA facility provides outstanding coverage for the east coast ports.  Servicing Newark, Baltimore, Charleston, and Miami, QCI’s East Coast facility is conveniently positioned on the I-99 innovation corridor, within 500 miles of 40% of the nation’s population and half of the U.S. manufacturing, trade and service industries!

An Ideal Location for High Volume Rework on the West Coast

Map showing locations of QCI's East and West Coast rework facilities

Our west coast facility is strategically located Henderson Nevada facility and ideally positioned to serve clients throughout the Western United States. From Houston to Seattle, major routes such as I-80 and I-70 provide fast and affordable East-West Access. From North to South, we’re positioned right near I-15 and along the CANAMEX trade corridor, providing access from Mexico to Canada. Our location along major US freight routes allows us to complete rework and repair operations quickly and then transport those goods anywhere in the Western States in a matter of days.

Another benefit of our location in Nevada is low-cost transport of goods by truck. If you know anything about Las Vegas, you’ll know that nothing gets exported from here. Trucks arrive daily from all over the country, and when they leave, they typically leave empty. This is an advantage for our customers, because we’re able to transport high volumes of consumer goods, from apparel and footwear to furniture and electronics, to our clients throughout the Western States, at low rates. Trucking companies are happy to be leaving Las Vegas with full truck beds, and you’ll enjoy reduced freight costs to locations throughout the West.


Contact Quality Corrections & Inspections for High Volume Rework

For more than 30 years, we’ve been defining the High Volume Repair & Rework Industry with an emphasis on producing first quality goods at a low per unit cost, and delivering it throughout the United States quickly and discretely. We are a trusted partner to hundreds of satisfied customers, and we’d be glad of the opportunity to serve you. Contact us today for a Free Project Analysis on high volume apparel and rework services. We’ll help get your operation back on track.

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