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Apparel CPSC Compliance Services

It’s critical that your imported garments meet the compliance requirements of the U.S. Consumer
Product Safety Commission — or CPSC.  The CPSC is committed to protecting the American public from
excessive risks of injury or even death that may arise as a result of using any of the garments that fall
under the agency’s jurisdiction.

CPSC implements standards that are based on the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act — or
CPSIA. These standards address multiple areas, including overall product quality and serviceability, as
well as the safety of materials used in the manufacturing of clothing.

Ensure CPSC Compliance for Apparel Imports With QCI

Retailers, import managers, and customs brokers that discover their apparel shipments may be detained
for apparent CPSC violations often need to act quickly in order to resolve any issues.

In terms of apparel imports, there are a variety of potential areas that the CPSC and other agencies may
examine to ensure compliance.  These could include specific restrictions on children’s clothing,
component parts, lead content, or care and content labels to name a few.  Fortunately, depending upon
the apparent violation, it may be possible to modify the product in order to bring it into compliance.

QCI possesses extensive experience in providing top quality, high-volume repair and rework services to
the apparel industry.  From hardware replacement, to label changes or additions, we can work with your
technical design and quality assurance teams to make the appropriate product modifications or
corrections necessary to achieve CPSC compliance.  A proactive approach and a partner like QCI can help
with these particularly challenging situations.

Contact QCI for More Information

If you need assistance in quickly evaluating and examining potential modifications of your apparel
product in order to address CPSC violations, contact us for more information. We’ve been providing high
volume inspection and repair services for some of America’s top brands since 1986, and we possess the
experience and expertise to find and correct almost all quality issues. For more information, please
contact us today.

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