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Apparel Crocking and Color Bleed Corrections

Crocking & Color Bleed Correction Services

Crocking refers to the transfer of dye from the surface of a dyed fabric onto another surface by rubbing. Dye crocking is the result of color loss by mechanical actions such as friction or abrasion. Bleeding occurs when dyes are not colorfast and colors rub off onto other materials. The presence of any of these issues in a shipment of apparel often indicates that the manufacturer used inferior materials or did not implement sufficient quality control measures.

How Can Crocking and Color Bleed Impact Your Business?

If you’re a high-volume garment importer, distributor or retailer, a shipment of merchandise with crocking or color bleeding can have devastating consequences for your business. Consumers will surely notice the issue, which will mean a quick return to the rack, shelf or bin. Further, if the problem affects an entire shipment, it could cost your company thousands of dollars in lost sales and unrealized profits.

Quality Corrections and Inspections Can Fix Apparel Crocking and Color Bleed Issues

QCI offers a reliable solution for crocking and dye migration. As the leading national apparel rework company in the U.S., we have had success correcting many of these issues throughout the years. We work with industry-leading chemists to develop solutions to resolve your unique color bleed issues. We have the equipment and know-how to solve most problems.

Don’t Waste Time or Money Returning Apparel to the Manufacturer

If you receive a shipment of garments with crocking or color bleed issues, you’ll probably want to send the footwear back to the manufacturer for repairs. If you bought them overseas, you might have to wait several weeks or months — and miss many sales in the meantime. When you factor in the high shipping costs, your business’s bottom line can take quite a hit.

QCI has convenient facilities on the East and West Coast, which means we can resolve your garment crocking or color bleed problem faster and without the excessive shipping expenses. In addition, thanks to our low unit costs, we can typically offer a more affordable service than most single location product rework companies.

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