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Apparel Label Changes/Relabeling

High-Volume Apparel Labeling, Ticketing, and Tagging

Mislabeled goods present challenges for importers and retailers who need to get items on the sales floor quickly. Whether it’s incorrect size tags or an inaccurate origination country, labeling issues can cause delays in inventory turnover and render goods temporarily unsellable.

Why Are Apparel Labeling, Ticketing and Tagging Important?

These services are essential for reasons like:

Why Do Apparel-Tagging Issues Occur?

Garment-tagging issues can result from numerous causes. Apparel labels may display inaccurate care instructions or material composition, or a tag may appear on the incorrect item. When errors happen, importers and retailers must remedy them before the garments go up for sale.

Fast and Reliable Apparel Tag Service From QCI

Quality Corrections and Inspections is the country’s most trusted rework partner. Our fast and dependable services are the ideal solution to many tagging issues, and we have the expertise to handle:

Our experts collaborate with your in-house quality assurance team to inspect your shipment and design the best strategy to solve the issues. Once we’ve completed the rework, our quality specialists will perform an additional check to ensure we’re meeting your goals and expectations.

Our Service Benefits

QCI is an industry leader with a long-standing history of results. When you choose us, you will:

1. Enjoy a Faster Alternative to Returning the Goods

We help restore your shipment’s value sooner through our rapid relabeling services. QCI maintains both East and West Coast label reworking facilities to serve you better. By partnering with us, you prevent the need to return goods to the manufacturer, saving you time and getting your apparel on the sales floor faster. Our turnaround times, including shipping, are shorter than returning goods to oversea manufacturers, so we can meet tight timelines without sacrificing quality.

2. Save Money With Our Affordable Pricing

QCI specializes in high-volume goods services, which enables us to offer competitive prices. Our focus on quality and efficiency lets you enjoy superior value and a healthier bottom line.


Request a Free Project Analysis

Our rework services are the fastest and most cost-effective way to solve your apparel tagging issues. We’ll prove it with a complimentary project analysis to help you determine how to restore value to mislabeled goods. Take the next step by sending us a sample and submitting your analysis request online.

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