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Label Changes/Relabeling

High Volume Apparel Labeling, Ticketing & Tagging

Clothing importers may receive a shipment of goods that has improper labeling, ticketing, or tagging issues. They can range from incorrect country of origin, improper care content labels, to incorrect size tags, all misrepresenting the brand’s image. Besides causing confusion for the shoppers, selling mislabeled goods can also constitute a violation of U.S. labeling laws designed to protect consumers — and that could lead to significant legal and financial penalties for your company.

Why Do Apparel Tagging Issues Occur?

Errors involving improper garment tags can happen for a variety of reasons. The manufacturer may produce labels with incorrect information, or the overseas workforce might place them on the wrong items. Regardless of the cause, importers and retailers are responsible for rectifying the situation before their shipments hit the sales floor.

QCI Offers Fast, Reliable Apparel Tag Services

As the leading rework company in the U.S., Quality Corrections and Inspections can be trusted to remedy your garment labeling, ticketing and tagging imperfections. Whether you need swift tag replacement, new hang tags, sewn-in tags, or heat stamped labels, we’re experts at fixing the mistakes of others. We’re a high-volume repair and inspection company that has been servicing businesses like yours to restore less than perfect items to first-quality condition.

How Does the QCI Apparel Rework Process Work?

In collaboration with your quality assurance team, we will inspect your clothing shipment to determine the most effective approaches to remedy the labeling issue. We have the necessary equipment, tools and know-how to replace improper labels, tags, and tickets. Upon completion, our projects undergo a final quality control check to ensure they comply with your company’s specifications.

A Faster Alternative to Returning the Goods to the Manufacturer

QCI’s fast service can transform your items into sellable merchandise as quickly as possible. Thanks to our convenient locations on the East and West Coast of the U.S., you won’t waste precious time sending your apparel shipment back to the overseas manufacturer. We can also complete relabeling projects faster and more efficiently than most single location rework companies.

Save Money with Our Low-Cost Pricing Structure

Because we focus on high-volume projects, we can offer a lower unit cost than many of our competitors. The combination of exceptional quality and reduced prices will provide the best value and improve your company’s bottom line.

Contact Us to Request a Free Project Analysis

Still not sure if our labeling, ticketing and tagging service is the right solution for your company? Our transparent project analysis process will help you make an informed decision. Just send us representative samples of your mislabeled garments, then call us or submit the requested information on our online contact form. We’ll respond quickly with a detailed assessment and a no-obligation estimate. Reach out to us to get your analysis started!

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