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Sizing Sorting and Preticketing

If you are a high-volume importer, distributor or retailer of apparel products, the process of sizing, sorting, pre-ticketing or doing prepacks of garments can pose a daunting challenge. Performing these arduous tasks is essential for ensuring you’re offering only high-quality merchandise to your customers and efficiently delivering goods to stores in the manner required for success on the sales floor. However, there are occasions when you do not have the time, labor, resources or space in the distribution center to handle these tasks in a timely manner.

The Need for Accuracy and Speed in Sizing, Sorting, Pre-ticketing and Prepack of Apparel

Retailers regularly require vendors or manufacturers to pre-ticket products with prices or product information labels in order to approve receipt of merchandise entering their distribution centers. They also require correct pre-ticketing to meet their needs for efficiency in delivering goods from distribution centers to retail sales floors. These are often applied in a variety of formats such as fasteners or labels according to the retailer’s instructions or guidelines. When not in compliance, corrections are regularly required.

Ticketing guides must be carefully adhered to as well. Typically tickets and labels cannot cover brand names or other specific purpose labels such as those for care and content information or country of origin information. Further, ticketing must be carefully placed in locations that will not damage merchandise.

Prepacks are another important component for retailers to manage the flow of goods from manufacturer, to distribution center to stores. When goods are prepacked in a well thought out manner, this provides retailers improved efficiencies in distribution centers and stores as they ship and receive merchandise. For example, when distribution centers receive thousands of garments in bulk from the manufacturer, it may make sense for these goods to be more efficiently rearranged and prepacked by specific ranges of styles, sizes or color ranges to meet specific sales forecast demands of each store.

In other cases, the quality of products you receive can often vary widely. When large garment orders arrive, and product irregularities are observed by the inbound QA staff, there may be needs for products to be inspected and sorted by separating the irregularities from the first quality goods and sorting in new sizing runs per the needs of the retailer.

Quality Corrections & Inspections recognizes the need for accuracy and quick-turnaround times for sizing, sorting, pre-ticketing and prepack services. We’ll work in collaboration with your quality assurance or vendor compliance team, listen to your needs, and determine the most cost-effective approaches for implementation of your projects.

Expertise, Resources and Facilities

Quality Corrections and Inspections, the number one inspections and rework company in the USA, can handle the challenges faced by importers, distribution centers or retailers with high-volume sizing, sorting, pre-ticketing and prepack service needs. We have the expertise, resources and facilities to effectively handle the demands of high-volume, quick-turnaround projects when the need arises. With a 35-year legacy of delivering superior results for businesses in the apparel industry, you can trust the quality and accuracy of our process.

For garment labeling or pre-ticketing, our two U.S. facilities are equipped with the proper tooling to complete swift tag replacements, new hang tags, sewn-in tags, or even heat stamped labels for example.

In the area of sizing, sorting and prepacks services, the QCI team of highly skilled inspectors will collaborate with your team in determining product grading classifications in accordance with your guidelines. We’ll also prepare a detailed inspection report that summarizes our findings, which you can share with the manufacturer to address quality control issues. Further, with our decades of apparel rework expertise, on sortation projects we can also consider approaches to fix issues found on garments so that some of your merchandise may be recovered and restored to “A” grade classifications.

Besides grading, we can also sort garments by size, style or other characteristics, helping to organize shipments and making it easier to fill your orders.

Fast Turnaround Times for Your Apparel Projects

We understand that you can’t sell garments to your customers while they’re at our facilities for sizing, sorting, pre-ticketing or prepacks. With our knowledge, skill and resources, we can turn your project around quickly. Our convenient East Coast and West Coast locations reduce the shipping time to and from your facility and minimize your shipping costs.

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