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100% Inspections + AQL Audits

100% Inspections of General Merchandise Imports

With the global market depending more and more on the fast, reliable production, shipment and delivery of goods — including general merchandise— the need for quality assurances are greater than ever. Of course, many suppliers work very well with their clients for years on end without having any major quality control issues. However, at Quality Corrections and Inspections (QCI), we regularly encounter situations where some type of product examination is necessary to help ensure and/or improve the quality of imported goods.

What Are 100% Inspections?

100% inspections represent a process where every item in a batch of products is inspected for its quality and ability to meet brand requirements. While most 100% inspections are reserved for high-value products, there are plenty of other scenarios — especially when it comes to the relationships that consumer goods retailers have with their suppliers — that can require this type of inspection. For third party inspection services, a number of factors can be required to be checked during 100% inspections — including but not limited to:

When large batches of items need to be 100% inspected, other factors such as knowing which quality issues need to be addressed and formulating a plan for a product’s disposition when it does not meet standards are also considerations.

Ultimately, because 100% inspections require more resources than random sample inspections, the decision to use them is an important one that should result in the outcomes your company and brand are looking for. That’s why working with a reliable independent inspection and rework company — like QCI with over 35 years of inspection experience — is one of the most prudent choices you can make.

When Are 100% Inspections Needed?

There are several scenarios that would require this type of oversight and assurance that only 100% inspections can offer.

Here are some of the most common instances when 100% inspections are usually required:

Why QCI Is the Right Choice for 100% Inspections

When you need 100% inspections, you need a fully qualified independent inspection company like QCI. Since 1986, we’ve been serving the inspection and rework needs of America’s top brands — especially in the shoe, clothing and general merchandise markets. That means we have the expertise, staff and facilities to conduct 100% inspections — even of high volumes of products — in the most efficient manner possible.

Plus, in addition to our accuracy and professionalism, we’re renowned in the inspection industry for our confidentiality, quick turnaround times and low per unit cost. To learn more about protecting what matters most to your company through robust product inspections, contact us today.

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