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Component Replacement and Repairs (Parts packs, loose wires, etc.)

Component Replacement for Consumer Goods

Some of our most common rework and repair services are for component replacement, replacing broken hardware and inserting missing parts packs.

If you’re a high-volume importer, retailer or distributor that receives a shipment of consumer goods in need of hardware replacement, repairs, or adding missing parts packs, it’s imperative to your business to correct the problem before the goods reach the sales floor.

What Causes Hardware Replacement and Repair Requirements?

The need for hardware replacements and repairs on imported goods may arise for a variety of reasons. Production equipment that was not properly set up at the factory or other general human errors at the factory level could have had an impact on the goods. The factory’s hardware supplier may have provided poor-quality component parts. In some cases, the CPSC may have identified a product safety or hazard issue or, product may have arrived with damaged hardware as a result of poor packaging or moisture impacts.

In other cases, hardware replacements are necessary when products arrive and do not meet technical requirements of the retailer. These replacements could be as simple as replacement of thousands of parts or components that did not meet the design standards that were originally set by the retailer.

Quality Corrections and Inspections Can Meet All Your Component/ Hardware Replacement and Repair Needs

At QCI, we’ve been fixing the mistakes of others for more than 30 years. As the number one rework company in the USA, we specialize in solving problems for high-volume operations like yours. Our team has the experience and equipment needed to handle your hardware and component parts replacement projects. We can work with our domestic hardware suppliers or your factory to source and rework your merchandise to first-quality condition.

We take pride in our high level of craftsmanship, which sets us apart from the other rework companies. Whether your job involves a basic repair, a component replacement, or any other hardware rework issue, we’ll do the job quickly and efficiently. We also implement stringent quality control procedures to ensure that the work meets your specifications and high expectations.

Fast Turnaround Times for Your Hardware Rework Project

You could send the merchandise back to the manufacturer to make the necessary repairs and replacements, but if you have to ship them to a distant location, you might have to wait several weeks or even months, which could have a devastating impact on your company’s sales. With rework facilities on the East and West Coast of the U.S., QCI can provide a faster alternative to sending the goods overseas. You’ll also avoid the exceedingly high shipping expenses.

We Make Hardware Replacement and Repair Affordable

QCI can also keep the price of repairs and replacements affordable. Because we specialize in high-volume projects, we can offer a lower unit cost than most single location rework companies. By driving your costs down, we can contribute to the increased value of your products and boost your company’s bottom line. To learn more, view a case study that attests to the quality of our services!

Our Confidential Rework Services Protect Your Brand

QCI will handle your rework project discreetly and confidentially. We take your company’s image seriously, and we’ll use every precaution to prevent negative publicity regarding your issue, which could harm your brand.

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