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Blooming & Spew Issue Resolution

Have you ever received a shipment of leather shoes and noticed a whitish, chalky, waxy-feeling material on the uppers? You might think your footwear is moldy — but it’s not. Mold is grayish-green in color, so what you’re dealing with is bloom, also known as spew. Blooming results from a flawed tanning process that uses an improper percentage of fat liquor. The presence of spew on shoes offered for sale is one sure way to drive customers away — and keep them from coming back!

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How Can You Get Rid of Shoe Spew?

Spew might seem like an easy problem to fix, but it usually isn’t. You can wipe the footwear clean with antibacterial wipes, but that will only provide a temporary solution. Cold weather promotes the formation of spew, so even if the shoes are bloom-free when you sell them, it will come back when there’s a chill in the air. Plus, if you handle high-volume shipments, you probably don’t have the time, staff or resources to clean hundreds or thousands of pairs of shoes.

QCI Offers Professional Footwear Spew Correction Services You Can Trust

As the number one footwear rework company in the USA, Quality Corrections and Inspections can provide a permanent cure for the “shoe spew blues.” We specialize in fixing the mistakes of others and returning unsalable goods to first-quality condition. We have more than 35 years of experience working with high-volume importers, retailers and distributors who need a quick, reliable, cost-effective alternative to sending substandard products back to an overseas manufacturer for repairs.

About Our Proven Footwear Blooming Rework Process

Our proprietary process is extremely effective at removing shoe spew — and keeping it from coming back. We’ll begin by thoroughly cleaning the shoes to remove all traces of bloom. Next, we’ll refinish them by applying a specially formulated inhibitor that will prevent the formation of spew after the consumer purchases the product. All treated footwear will undergo a final in-house inspection to ensure they meet our high standards — and your quality expectations.

Our Fast Blooming & Spew Removal Services Will Minimize Lost Sales

At QCI, we focus on getting your goods repaired or reworked and sent back to you as quickly as possible. With convenient locations on the East and West Coast, we can turn your project around much faster than it would take to ship items to the overseas manufacturer. The sooner you put your shoes back on the market, the sooner you can begin to recapture your lost revenues. And with our low unit costs, you won’t have to spend a fortune to fix your footwear blooming problem.

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We offer an easy, risk-free way to find out if our footwear spew correction process is right for your company. With our no-obligation project analysis service, you can send us some samples of your shoes and some details about your issue. We’ll respond quickly with a detailed assessment along with a cost estimate. Reach out to request your project analysis today, and be sure to check out our footwear blooming case studies!

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