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Insole Repair & Replace

Damaged, missized or improperly glued insoles can cause various fit or comfort issues for the end user. If you’re an importer, seller or distribution facility manager, receiving a shipment of shoes with defective insoles can create a significant problem for your business. Shoes that fail to meet the expectations of consumers and your business partners can do irreparable harm to your good name. Bad news spreads quickly, which means even one shipment of inferior goods could impact your future sales.

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What Are the Causes of Defective Insoles on Imported Shoes?

There are several potential reasons for insoles arriving defective.

In the case of improperly glued insoles, the manufacturer likely didn’t use a high-quality adhesive or take the necessary steps to ensure bond strength. Substandard quality control measures can result in mis-sized insoles that will cause discomfort for the wearer. The material used to produce the insole may not be compatible with that of the rest of the shoe, resulting in an improper fit. Even careless handling during transit can damage the insole.

Why Sending the Product Back to the Manufacturer Isn’t the Best Solution

If you receive a shipment of shoes with damaged or defective insoles, you might be inclined to send the product back to the manufacturer for repair or replacement. Unfortunately, a long wait for the return order could cause an extended delay in getting the goods to market, resulting in missed sales opportunities and lost revenue. This process is also cost-prohibitive for most companies, which can have a negative impact on your bottom line.

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QCI Offers Fast, Reliable Insole Repair Services

Quality Corrections and Inspections offers a better alternative to sending shoes overseas for insole repair and replacement. As America’s leading rework company, we can perform expert repair work right here in the USA. With convenient locations on the East Coast and West Coast, we can get your repaired insoles to you quickly so you can meet the demands of your customers.

We Specialize in High-Volume Shoe Insole Repair Projects

At Quality Corrections & Inspections, we have the facilities, tools, resources and skills to take on your high-volume insole repair jobs — we fix millions of shoes annually! The adhesives that we use for repairing the insole of shoes are tested for material compatibility and bond strength to ensure there are no wear-related insole failures. Our expert craftsmen will perform the repairs to meet industry standards and your high expectations. Based on over 35 years of experience, you can have confidence that our team will provide you with a solution to correct your insole issues.

Why Else Should You Choose QCI as Your Insole Shoe Repair Services Provider?

Other excellent reasons to select QCI for your high-volume insole repair projects include:

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Find out more about what makes Quality Corrections and Inspections the best choice for your next insole repair and replacement project by requesting a free project analysis today. We’ll review samples of your defective goods and prepare a detailed review of our findings, along with a no-obligation cost estimate.

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