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Mold and Mildew Remediation

Experts at Footwear Mold Remediation

Mold and mildew can make for a nasty surprise when imported shoes and other footwear arrive from overseas.  If you’re an importer of footwear to the United States, you could be looking at a potential loss in the millions of dollars, not counting a hit to your reputation.

The good news is that if you notice mold on imported shoes, it’s possible to remove it.  At QCI, we can perform shoe rework for mold that can restore the product to first quality condition. We specialize in high-volume mold & mildew cleaning projects.  In fact, we typically process over a million pairs of shoes with mold-related issues every year.

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Our Effective Footwear Mold Remediation Process Delivers Reliable Results

Our exclusive process for cleaning and sanitizing footwear eliminates 99.9% of the bacteria that causes mold and mildew:

Why Choose QCI for Your Moldy Footwear Remediation Project?

Besides our proven process for removing mold from footwear, there are many other excellent reasons for choosing QCI. With convenient East Coast and West Coast locations, we can provide fast, reliable service throughout the United States. You can also take advantage of our per-unit discount on high-volume orders to make your project even more affordable. We’ll do everything possible to complete your time-sensitive mold remediation job on time, within your budget and with an exceptional level of quality and craftsmanship.

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Don’t let the presence of mold on imported shoes ruin a shipment and create the need for a costly replacement. Contact the mold remediation professionals at Quality Corrections and Inspections for a free, no-obligation project analysis right away.

Footwear mold is not uncommon, and if you’re an importer, it can pose a serious problem for your business. A shipment of moldy footwear could cost your company many thousands of dollars to replace, and the subsequent disruption in the distribution timeline means your customers won’t be very happy. And if even a few pairs of moldy shoes make it to your customers, it could cause irreparable damage to your company’s good name and reputation.

Transit times for footwear from overseas factories can range from four to six weeks, which gives mold plenty of time to grow. You are more likely to experience mold formation on footwear when importing shoes from nations such as Vietnam and China. The Asian monsoon season, warm temperatures, high humidity and lack of environmental control can cause mold spores to incubate and then spread across your shipment as your freight travels to the U.S.

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