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Odor Removal/Odor Treatment

While we most often associate smelly footwear with older, well-worn shoes, sneakers and boots, these products can also develop unpleasant odors long before they reach the customer — during the shipping process. Odors can permeate footwear through moisture, leaky containers, items shipped in the same container and much more.

There are several ways in which footwear shipments can develop bad smells. Mold is a common problem with footwear shipped from warm, humid countries such as India, China and Vietnam. The conditions foster mold growth that leaves an unmistakable musty odor on the product. Other typical odor-producing culprits include the accumulation of moisture during transit, fungus, and material degradation, any of which may occur during longer overseas trips.

The Need for Effective Odor Removal From Footwear

If you receive a shipment of odoriferous shoes, sandals, boots or sneakers, you’ll need to correct the issue right away. The worst thing that could happen would be for your footwear to be rejected by your customer due to an unpleasant smell. The last thing you want is to have your brand associated with smelly shoes, which can damage to your company’s reputation. But replacing the shoes can be costly, and the disruption to your distribution timeline could mean you won’t have products to sell for several weeks or longer.

QCI Can Fix Your Footwear Odor Problem and Save Your Company Time & Money

Rather than experiencing the lost time and tremendous expense that comes with replacement shipments of smelly shoes, you can remove the odor instead. As the largest product rework company in the United States, Quality Corrections and Inspections can provide an effective treatment that works well on imported sneakers with bad odors as well as boots, shoes and other types of footwear. We can restore your products to like-new condition quickly and at a much lower cost than replacement.

We Specialize in Ozone Treatment for Shoes

When you send your smelly shoes to QCI, we’ll implement our proven footwear ozone treatment process to remove the unpleasant odor. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), ozone gas contains antimicrobial properties that kill bacteria and other odor-causing contaminants in footwear. Our ozone process is completely chemical-free and works on most odors that might accompany your overseas shipments.

How Our Ozone Chamber Remediation Process Works

Our ozone chamber remediation process utilizes ozone molecules or enriched oxygen that meshes with oxygen molecules attaching to the pollutant causing the smell, then completely removes it, leaving pure oxygen. In brief, the method entails placing the shoes in a specially designed chamber and deploying a fan that circulates the ozone gas, causing it to adhere to the products. We let the shoes “ozonate” for several hours to ensure a thorough reaction with the oxygen. We’ll then convert from ozone to pure oxygen as the shoes “air out.”

QCI Can Handle High-Volume Footwear Odor Removal Projects With Ease

QCI has the equipment, resources and expertise to take on large-scale projects for all types of footwear. Because we handle high-volume jobs, you can also benefit from our per-unit discounts that can help you save money. And with facilities on the East Coast and West Coast, we can minimize shipping times and ensure you receive your newly odor-free shoes as quickly as possible.

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