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Retrofit Shoe Components

If you’re a footwear importer, distributor or retailer, you could receive a shipment containing damaged or incorrect shoe parts. Potential issues range from weak or wrong-colored laces to improperly fitting insoles. Whatever the problem, you need to rectify it quickly before you can offer the goods for sale — poorly constructed shoes sold to consumers can negatively impact your company’s future sales.

How Can You Correct a Shoe Parts Issue?

You could send the shoes back to the overseas manufacturer for repairs or replacements — but that takes time and could create a substantial expense for your business. Retrofit services provided by QCI can offer a more reliable and cost-effective shoe retrofit alternative that makes better sense for your company.

QCI Can Retrofit Shoes Quickly and Affordably

Quality Corrections and Inspections is the number one high-volume footwear rework company in America. We can retrofit your shoes to like-new condition with speed and efficiency. We’re an industry leader with a 35-year legacy of footwear repair excellence and quality. By fixing the mistakes of others in the most cost-effective manner, our services can contribute to the value of your products and have a positive impact on your business’s bottom line.

How Do We Retrofit Shoes?

When we receive your footwear shipment, we’ll conduct a thorough inspection of the shoes. We’ll often work with your technical design team to source the components required for your retrofitting project. Our expert craftsmen, working under the supervision of highly trained and experienced supervisors, will then replace the damaged shoe parts and make any other necessary corrections or adjustments. We’ll also conduct a final inspection to ensure the retrofitted footwear meets your specifications.

Fast Turnaround Time and a Low Cost for Your Shoe Retrofitting Project

At QCI, our goal is to retrofit and return your shoes as quickly as possible to minimize your revenue losses. With rework facilities in Duncansville, Pennsylvania and Henderson, Nevada, we can provide prompt service to anywhere in the continental United States. You’ll also incur lower shipping expenses than you would sending your goods overseas. And with our low unit costs, we can typically complete your project at a lower price point than other rework companies.

Our Retrofitting Services Are Completely Confidential

QCI recognizes that rework services must be discreet to avoid embarrassment and prevent damage to a company’s brand. You can trust us to retrofit shoe components in total confidence to safeguard your business’s reputation and good name throughout the footwear industry.

Get Started Right Now by Requesting a Free Project Analysis

Find out if QCI can meet your business’s shoe retrofitting needs without risk. We’ll be happy to provide a no-obligation project analysis to help you make an informed decision. Fill out and submit our online form and send us some footwear samples, and we’ll provide a detailed written assessment along with a cost estimate.

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