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Sewing Repairs for Footwear

If you’re a shoe importer, you’re bound to receive a shipment of shoes or sneakers at some point in which the stitching doesn’t meet your quality standards. Poor termination points at stress points lead to shoes coming apart. Alert shoppers will notice this issue immediately — and won’t waste time putting the item back on the shelf. Even if they pass the “eye test,” improperly sewn shoes often don’t last long and will fall apart, which means a lot of dissatisfied customers — and fewer footwear orders for your company.

What Are the Causes of Footwear Stitching Issues?

Poor stitching can occur for several reasons. Sewing machines not properly set up during production could be a cause. A lack of skilled labor is another contributing factor, especially if the workers do not receive adequate training. And in some cases, depending on price points, the quality control practices may have been overlooked, allowing substandard products to pass inspection — and end up in your shipment.

Quality Corrections and Inspections Performs Expert Footwear Sewing Repairs

Instead of wasting time and money sending improperly sewn shoes back to the manufacturer, send them to Quality Corrections and Inspections. At QCI, we specialize in high-volume repairs and inspections for the footwear and apparel industries. We have the resources, facilities and expertise to fix the mistakes of others. Count on us to improve the quality and increase the value of your shoes — and transform them into sellable products that will appeal to consumers.

The QCI Sewing Repair Process

Footwear sewing repairs typically require careful stitching to correct the problem. The QCI team includes skilled mastercraftsmen who will use high-quality equipment and thread to sew the shoe materials back together properly. We’ll also make sure the color matches the rest of the thread to maximize the shoes’ aesthetic appeal. All repaired shoes undergo a stringent inspection to verify the quality of our work and ensure it meets your high standards.

Expert Sewing Repairs With Fast Turnaround Times

At QCI, we recognize that each day your shoes are off the market means a day of lost selling opportunities for your company. Fortunately, we can perform speedy sewing repairs, even for high-volume shipments. With a facility on the East Coast and West Coast, you’ll also receive your repaired shoes quickly — no matter where you are in the U.S. And with our low unit costs, you won’t have to spend a fortune on fixing footwear!

Discreet Sewing Repair Service to Protect Your Reputation

Word of a substandard shipment can spread quickly and damage your company’s brand and image. QCI exercises full discretion during every phase of the shoe repair process. As a result, you’ll be able to improve the quality of your products while maintaining your integrity and good name.

Get a Free Sewing Repair Project Analysis Today

Still not sure if our footwear sewing repair services are the right fit for your company? Contact us to request a free project analysis. We’ll review samples of your shoes and submit a report of our findings. We’ll also provide a no-obligation cost estimate to help you make an informed decision.

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