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Footwear Sizing, Sorting and Grading

Are you an importer, distributor or retailer that routinely handles shipments containing thousands of pairs of shoes? If so, you probably realize that the quality of the products you receive can vary widely. With such large orders, evaluating each pair can pose a daunting challenge. Performing this arduous task is essential for ensuring that you’re offering only high-quality merchandise to your customers, but if you’re like most companies in your industry, you don’t have the time, labor, resources or space in the distribution center to handle the job.

QCI Offers Reliable, Affordable Shoe Sizing, Sorting and Grading Services

Quality Corrections and Inspections, the number one footwear rework company in the USA, can handle the burden of shoe sizing, sorting and grading. We have the expertise, resources and facilities to classify your footwear shipments based on your company’s standards and specifications. We also have extensive experience working with high-volume shipments containing thousands and even tens of thousands of pairs. In addition, with our 35-year legacy of delivering superior results for footwear industry businesses like yours, you can trust the quality and accuracy of our process.

How Does Our Sizing, Sorting and Grading Process Work?

The QCI team consists of highly skilled inspectors who receive comprehensive training in various types of footwear — we know how to recognize irregularities in the materials and construction that can negatively impact shoe quality. We’ll assign a grade to each pair — such as “A,” “B,” “C” and “defect” — in accordance with your guidelines. We’ll then prepare a detailed inspection report that summarizes our findings, which you can share with the manufacturer to address quality control issues.

Besides grading, we can also sort shoes by size, style or other characteristics, helping to organize the shipment and making it easier to fill your customers’ footwear orders.

QCI Can Provide Complete Repair and Disposal Services

With our decades of shoe rework expertise, we can also fix the issues with your shoes so that they’ll all qualify for the “A” classification, ensuring that you’re selling only the best footwear to your customers. Our services include sole repairs, upper refinishing, insole replacement and mold remediation, to name just a few. If we identify any shoes that are beyond repair, we can provide cost-effective destruction and disposal services.

Fast Turnaround Times for Your Footwear Projects

We understand that you can’t sell shoes to your customers while they’re at our facilities for sizing, sorting or grading. With our knowledge, skill and resources, we can turn your project around quickly. Our convenient East Coast and West Coast locations reduce the shipping time to and from your facility and minimize your shipping costs.

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