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Sole Repairs

We Resole Shoes, Boots and More

There are several reasons why you may receive a shipment of imported shoes with damaged or substandard soles:

QCI Can Provide Fast, Reliable Shoe Resoling Services

Regardless of the cause of damaged soles on imported shoes, Quality Corrections and Inspections can remedy the problem. As America’s #1 rework company, we’re experts at fixing the mistakes of others. We can perform fast, efficient shoe sole repair work that will restore defective shoes to first-quality condition. In most cases, we can correct the defect and meet your pull test requirements.

Advantages of Repairing Shoes With Damaged Soles

Our expert shoe sole repair service gives you a more cost-effective alternative to replacement, meaning you won’t have to bear the expense of a new shipment. Our resoling service is also much faster than waiting for more products to arrive from overseas. With facilities on the East Coast and West Coast of the U.S., we can complete your shoe sole repair project quickly and have the shoes back in your possession in no time. You’ll stand a much better chance of getting your shoes to market on time and within your budget.

How Does Our Shoe Sole Repair Process Work?

Our streamlined, simplified process begins with you telling us about the problem and sending us a sample of the damaged goods. Our team can evaluate the issue and provide a root cause analysis and an action plan to rework the shoe. We’ll then use all the knowledge, skill, equipment and resources at our disposal to execute the necessary repairs. We adhere to strict industry guidelines and your specific quality control standards to ensure the work meets your expectations.

Why Should You Choose QCI as Your Footwear Sole Repair Company?

At QCI, we specialize in high-volume sole repairs on shoes. Our ability to handle large-quantity shoe repair tasks also creates the potential for a per-unit discount, which can reduce your costs even further. What’s more, we’re committed to completing every project as quickly as possible to help get your shoes to market closer to the original delivery date and meet your sales goals.

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Delaminating soles or failing heel lifts are common factors that lead to footwear shipments being labeled defective. If you’re an importer, retailer, manager of a distribution center or anyone else who purchases or sells shoes made overseas, damaged soles can present a significant and costly issue for your business.

Ordering a replacement shipment takes time and creates an additional expense for your operation. There’s a good chance your goods won’t make it to market on time, resulting in lost sales. And damaged soles on imported shoes that end up in the hands (and on the feet) of consumers can cause irreparable harm to your brand and reputation.

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