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West Coast Facility

Received defective merchandise?

Contact the industry experts!

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Soccer Ball Inflation

From shoes to sweaters,

toys to toasters!

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Factory Floor


Millions of units repaired…annually!

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Expert Sewing Repairs

Restoring quality is everything to QCI!

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Shoe Refinishing - Before and After


Solving the unsolvable!

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Large Scale Repair Capabilities


High volume inspections and repairs!

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Shoe Strap Repair


Making defective goods…good again!

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High Speed Button Machines


Call us before returning

defective goods overseas!

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Zipper Pull Replacement

Creating reliable solutions for

the most challenging problems!

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Experienced Quality Technicians

Ask us about our all-inclusive Floor Ready Program!

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Sewing Repairs

Correcting the costly mistakes of others!

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Moldy Shoes - Before and After
Restoring defective goods
to first quality again!
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Volume Shoe Refurbish

High volume repairs are our specialty!

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Quality Corrections & Inspections®

At Quality Corrections & Inspections, we understand the challenges faced by retailers, manufacturers and importers when meeting the needs of their customers. Defects occur in the manufacturing process and market demands can change preventing them from giving their consumers what they want and when they want it. That’s where we come in!

Since 1986, Quality Corrections & Inspections has been partnering with companies just like yours by providing a vast array of repair, rework and inspection services in order to get their merchandise ready for the sales floor…in the quickest time possible!

Explore our site or contact one of our friendly, problem-solving experts to learn why countless companies have looked to us to solve all of their product quality needs for over 27 years!