West Coast Facility

Received defective merchandise?

Contact the industry experts!

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Soccer Ball Inflation

From shoes to sweaters,

toys to toasters!

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Factory Floor


Millions of units repaired…annually!

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Expert Sewing Repairs

Restoring quality is everything to QCI!

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Shoe Refinishing - Before and After


Solving the unsolvable!

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Large Scale Repair Capabilities


High volume inspections and repairs!

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Shoe Strap Repair


Making defective goods…good again!

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High Speed Button Machines


Call us before returning

defective goods overseas!

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Zipper Pull Replacement

Creating reliable solutions for

the most challenging problems!

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Experienced Quality Technicians

Ask us about our all-inclusive Floor Ready Program!

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Sewing Repairs

Correcting the costly mistakes of others!

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Moldy Shoes - Before and After
Restoring defective goods
to first quality again!
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Volume Shoe Refurbish

High volume repairs are our specialty!

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Quality Corrections & Inspections®

Quality Corrections & Inspections is a high volume Repair and Inspection company that serves the footwear, apparel, accessories & consumer goods industries.  Since 1986 QCI has been the “Go To” company for many of the top recognized brands to quickly, cost effectively, and with the highest craftsmanship correct quality issues that unfortunately occur within the supply chain.  Throughout our 31 years in business, QCI has become the industry leader with the knowledge and ability to correct most quality issues.  QCI’s strategic Rework facilities are located on both the east and west coasts of the USA to ensure time sensitive projects are completed quickly and efficiently.

With the nature of merchandise received from overseas suppliers, Quality Corrections & Inspections is a valuable asset for retailers, importers, manufacturers and distribution centers to have in their time of need.  We are a behind the scenes quality control company that quickly and quietly, FIXES mistakes made by others.

  • Protect your investment by ensuring your products meets first quality standards.
  • Remove the delays and costs of returning defective imported merchandise overseas.
  • Allow us to serve as an extension to your manufacturing and quality control processes.
  • Quick turnaround times ensure your company’s reputation and your customers’ satisfaction.
  • All projects are kept strictly confidential.