Contract Assembly
An Extension of Your Own Company!

Quality Corrections & Inspections expertise does not rest on repair and rework alone. Utilizing the same technical ability and modernized equipment, we can perform assembly operations to compliment your processes. Our experienced team strives to find the most cost effective solutions to your production labor challenges. Whether your needs are short or long term, we can assist your company with its labor production needs while minimizing your overhead costs.

Throughout the years, more and more clients have turned to Quality Corrections & Inspections to meet their contract assembly needs.  Even those with large scale projects have recognized the value in outsourcing to the leading rework facility in the United States.  Some of the more common contract assembly services provided would be footwear assembly (such as bottoming or lasting), cutting, stitching, and hardware installation.  When repairs are not required, Quality Corrections & Inspections can still serve as a valuable outsourcing provider through their customizable packaging capabilities.  Kit assembly, club store display assembly, or POP display assembly are simply a few of the contract assembly operations in which we specialize.

  • Footwear Assembly/Bottoming
  • Function Testing
  • Cutting
  • Stitching
  • POP Display Assembly
  • Hardware Installation
  • Kit Assembly
  • Parts Replacement
  • Club Store Assembly
  • Parts Sorting
  • Any Labor Intensive Jobs

For a complete overview of our Assembly and Production Services as well as our other Integrated Outsourcing Services please Contact Us.