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Garment Finishing Services

Putting the finishing touches on your garments is critical for retail success. Finishing services that can
boost your marketing or branding, protect your garments, and expedite the sales process with
appropriate tags, labels or barcodes helps your products stand out among the crowd. Presentation is
everything and finishing services can be the difference maker in ensuring your products are floor-ready
for immediate sale.

Quality Corrections is Well Equipped to Meet Your Garment Finishing Needs

With a 35-year history of servicing the needs of apparel brands around the world, companies regularly
turn to QCI for their garment finishing needs. Our two U.S. facilities are well positioned on the east
coast and west coast to service your high-volume needs in a timely manner.

Our value-added services include, but are not limited to:

We can also perform sizing, sorting and prepacks as required to help organize product in a floor-ready
condition as needed in order to help you better process goods through your distribution centers and

Presentation is Everything, Contact QCI for Assistance

When you need garment finishing services performed for your apparel brands, contact the team at QCI.
We have the expertise, equipment and facilities to perform a wide variety of finishing services to meet
your needs quickly and cost-effectively.

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