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Supply Chain Management

FAQ’s About Product Import Compliance and Reworks

Quality Corrections & Inspections performs a wide variety of product inspection, repair and rework services.  Many of our customers and clients that contact us for the first time or, those that are just learning about our services may come across an alphabet soup of acronyms and other terminology related to product inspections, repair and rework […]

Garment Measurement Mishaps

Fit and comfort are among the most critical considerations a consumer makes when purchasing apparel. Your goal as an importer or retailer of apparel goods is to always to provide your customers with well made garments that meets their expectations. However, managing garment quality can be especially difficult when it comes to importing the garments […]

Mold Prevention & Treatment on Imported Footwear & Apparel

Mold formation on imported products can be a significant challenge for distributors and retailers. When products arrive with mold damage, it can cost the importer thousands of dollars in product loss. It also sets back timelines when they must order new products to replace the damaged shipment. No importers want to deal with mold formations, […]

Helping Inbound Quality Assurance Teams Succeed

Inbound QA teams in the distribution center have big responsibilities.  They are the last set of eyes to audit merchandise prior to its debut for retail sales. They need to look for sewing defects, excessive threads, defected pull cords, sizing specifications, water repellent issues, zippers, buttons, odor issues, mold and much more! Although well trained […]

How to Turn Dead Inventory Into Profitable Merchandise

Dead inventory or dead stock is nothing new to vendors and retailers. Dead inventory can arise for several reasons such as retail seasonality, late deliveries or possibly product production errors in need of correction. It is talked about often and by many but addressing the problem and finding solutions can send you into a frenzy […]

How QCI Benefits Product Sourcing Managers

How QCI Benefits Product Sourcing Managers If you serve as a product sourcing specialist or manager in the supply chain, much of the burden for merchandise that does not meet your company’s quality standards on imported shipments can land with you. If distributors, direct buyers or others down the supply chain discover a quality issue […]

Inspection, Repair & Rework Solutions for Quality Assurance Managers

The Value of Quality Corrections & Inspections for the Quality Assurance Team Today’s warehouse managers and their quality assurance teams play a critical role in the supply chain: they bear the responsibility of ensuring that goods enter and exit their facility as efficiently as possible. They must have a thorough knowledge of all relevant inventory […]

The Missing Link in Reverse Supply Chain Logistics

The rise in e-commerce transactions, as well as flexible return policies and strict environmental regulations, are shifting the focus of companies to their reverse supply chain. For companies to remain competitive and compliant, it has become a priority for businesses across industries — from retail to automotive to electronics — to update their reverse supply […]

Why Return to Vendor Is the Worst Decision You Can Make

For companies of all sizes and markets, return to vendor (RTV) is a consistent, day-to-day business practice related to the rise of e-commerce. In fact, 2016 saw U.S. shoppers send back $260 billion in merchandise, which translates to eight percent of all purchases in the country. It’s a trend that doesn’t show signs of stopping, […]

How We Help: Retailers

For many big box retailers, quality control can be a constant challenge. When receiving a high volume of large orders, a certain number of damaged or defective shipments is inevitable. Of course, putting substandard products on the sales floor is not an option. Shoppers expect and deserve to receive only the best merchandise. Even one […]

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