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How We Help: Retailers

Big box retailer quality control

For many big box retailers, quality control can be a constant challenge. When receiving a high volume of large orders, a certain number of damaged or defective shipments is inevitable. Of course, putting substandard products on the sales floor is not an option. Shoppers expect and deserve to receive only the best merchandise. Even one bad experience can cause them to explore alternative retail options.



Should I Send Defective Goods Back to the Warehouse?

Whenever a store manager discovers a defective shipment, he or she must determine whether it makes sense to return the merchandise to the warehouse, distribution center or in the case of a direct purchase, the manufacturer. Unfortunately, this takes time, and there is no guarantee replacement goods will be available for immediate shipment. In the meantime, the store will experience lost sales and revenues resulting from empty shelves.



What to Do When Defective Goods Arrive at Your Retail Store

If you’re a store manager, there’s a better, faster, more cost-effective alternative to sending a defective shipment back to the warehouse or manufacturer. Quality Corrections and Inspections, a U.S.-based high-volume rework company founded in 1986, can fix the mistakes of others quickly and efficiency. We can restore damaged apparel, footwear, accessories and various types of consumer goods to their original condition. You will receive top-quality, salable merchandise that will meet your customers’ high expectations and contribute to your store’s profitability.



Our Expert Team Performs Fast, High-Quality Work

The QCI team consists of expert inspectors and craftspeople who specialize in sorting first-quality goods from seconds, identifying and analyzing defects, and performing the necessary repairs. We also recognize the importance of completing your rework project quickly, as our turnaround times are among the fastest in the industry. With convenient East Coast and West Coast locations, we can ship your reworked goods faster and more affordably than most local providers.



QCI Can Fix All Kinds of Mistakes

Our skill, experience and resources enable us to remedy all types of quality control issues. We can handle everything from performing insole repair and replacement for shoes to removing stains from clothing caused by bleeding dyes. Other problems we can correct with ease include removing mold, replacing broken mirror frames on cabinets, eliminating foul odors from clothing and even making apparel alterations. Over the course of more than 30 years in business, we’ve seen and fixed it all. No wonder QCI is known as the No. 1 rework company in the USA!



You’ll Appreciate Our Fast, Simple Business Approach

At QCI, we understand that busy big box store managers don’t have time to waste on returning defective goods. That’s why we’ve made our process so easy and convenient. To get started, tell us about your quality control issue by filling out and submitting our Free Project Analysis form. We’ll provide a quick response that includes a detailed cost analysis and other information you need to make an intelligent decision.

How We Help: Quality Control Officers

Quality control officer working in a factory

As a quality control or corrections officer, it is your job to ensure the goods that leave your facility meet your company’s quality standards. Even one defective or damaged product has the potential to reflect badly on your organization — and your department. Depending on the industry, selling goods of inferior quality could also result in regulatory compliance violations that can have severe financial and reputation implications for your company.



How to Handle Defective Shipments as a Quality Corrections Officer

Receiving a shipment of defective products from a manufacturer can pose quite a dilemma for a quality corrections officer. Shipping them back for repair or replacement takes time and costs a lot of money — especially with imported goods not meeting quality standards. Trying to fix the problem in-house requires additional time, labor and resources that your company may not have, depending on the severity and extent of the problem.



Quality Corrections and Inspections: The Quality Control Manager’s Best Friend

If you’re a quality control officer, the first thing to do when goods don’t meet quality specs is to contact the rework experts at Quality Control and Inspections. We’re a U.S.-based high-volume repair and inspection company that has been serving the apparel, footwear, accessories and consumer goods industries for more than 30 years. We specialize in fixing the mistakes of others — we can restore your goods to their original condition quickly and efficiently.



Who We Are and What We Do

The QCI team consists of well-trained, detail-oriented experts who can perform 100 percent inspections and AQL audits of your shipments based on your company’s precise quality standards. We also have the skill and experience to rework/repair any damaged or defective goods. Understanding your need to get your products into the hands of your customers as quickly as possible — especially during the holidays and other prime selling periods — means we focus on completing every project on time. Our turnaround times are the fastest in the industry, and we can ship quicker than most local providers.



Affordable, Discreet Rework Services

In addition to delivering fast project completion times and expert quality, QCI’s services are extremely cost-effective, especially when compared to returning the goods to the manufacturer.

We recognize that your company’s brand and reputation are vital to your success. Therefore, we conduct our business discreetly to help your company avoid potential PR damage that can result when a defective shipment is made.



We Make Repairing Your Defective Goods So Easy

The numerous quality corrections officer responsibilities leave little time for dealing with the hassle of returning goods. You’ll appreciate our fast, easy business approach. You can get started by telling us about your issue by filling out and submitting our simple Free Project Analysis form. We’ll get back to you with a detailed analysis and project cost estimate as quickly as possible. You’ll have all the information you need to make an informed decision for your company.

Let QCI help you meet your company’s lofty quality control standards by transforming your damaged or defective shipments into profitable merchandise.