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5 Ways Product Rework Can Help Importers Overcome Inventory Pain Points

Product quality issues, real or perceived, are a reality when it comes to importing. Merchandise such as apparel, footwear, accessories, and a variety of other general consumer goods, are often made in a labor-intensive process that can increase the probability for quality issues to arise. Here are five ways Quality Corrections & Inspections (QCI) can […]

Preparing To Undertake A Product Rework Project

Supply chain leaders may turn to outsourced product rework specialists from time to time to respond to new opportunities or challenges in managing their flow of goods.  No matter the reason for undertaking a product rework project, when the time comes to consider a project and work with an outsourced partner, there are a variety […]

How Product Rework Can Help Companies Meet Inventory Demands

CSCMP’s Supply Chain Quarterly, a valued source of content for cutting-edge ideas on all aspects of the global supply chain, recently shared our insights on the impact of continued supply chain disruptions around the world and how product rework can help companies meet inventory demands. You can read the entire article here.  Quality Corrections & […]

Fixing Common Quality Defects on Imported Footwear

The footwear industry produces some staggering numbers! According to the FDRA, the U.S. imported 5.7 pairs of shoes for every man, woman, and child in the country. Annual sales topped $76.9 billion in 2020 and nearly 99% of all shoes sold in the U.S. annually are imported. The challenges to produce that volume of footwear […]

Creative Business Makes Things Right

This article originally appeared in the Blair Business Mirror What started as a family-owned shoe manufacturing company in 1986 has transitioned into a trusted place where companies can turn to for help when imported goods did not meet specifications or quality standards upon arrival in the United States.   Quality Corrections & Inspections, headquartered in Duncansville, […]

The Role of Product Rework in Successful Supply Chain Execution

                Quality Corrections & Inspections (QCI) performs a wide variety of product inspection, repair, and rework services for customers around the world.  With nearly 40 years of experience in performing product rework, we have some unique insights on the quiet role that our services deliver to help companies […]

How to Manage Supply Chain Disruptions During the Holidays

RIS News, an essential source of information for retail executives, recently shared our insights on trends to consider to make it through supply chain disruptions this holiday season. You can read the entire article here. Quality Corrections & Inspections is a leading provider of product inspection, repair, and rework services to companies in the apparel, […]

Solving Inventory Management and Quality Assurance Challenges Amid COVID-19

As retail stores and business start to open again across the U.S., supply chain and quality managers may be pressed to creatively solve new and emerging issues as they adjust to getting operations running smoothly again.   Already, as they are looking towards the future of their operations, inventory management, product integrity and quality issues are […]

Product Quality Solutions for Online Retailers

  Ecommerce and online selling platforms have grown at an unprecedented rate all over the world.  Consumers of all ages are embracing the experience and enjoying the convenience of shopping online.   The importance of quality control has never been higher.  Products must speak for themselves, without the support of a physical store environment or […]

Quality Corrections Recognized with Friends of Footwear Award

In recognition of supporting programs, events and initiatives that advocate for footwear industry workers and consumers, Quality Corrections & Inspections was recently presented the Friends of Footwear Award by the Footwear Distributors and Retailers Association (FDRA) based in Washington, D.C. The footwear industry provides thousands of jobs across the country and total personal spending on […]

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