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Preparing To Undertake A Product Rework Project

Preparing To Undertake A Product Rework Project

QCI - Preparing to undertake a product rework project

Supply chain leaders may turn to outsourced product rework specialists from time to time to respond to new opportunities or challenges in managing their flow of goods.  No matter the reason for undertaking a product rework project, when the time comes to consider a project and work with an outsourced partner, there are a variety of factors that can lead to a successful outcome. 

With over 35 years of experience in exclusively performing product reworks, Quality Corrections & Inspections (QCI) has some unique insights on how to effectively assist companies with their special project needs.  In the interest of sharing, we’ve compiled some tips for helping your team and ours in preparing to undertake a successful product rework project in the sections that follow below.



Some preparation and research in advance of initiating a project will be beneficial to ensure a timely and successful outcome.

Engage with QCI before you need us


  • Learn more about our expertise, resources, process, and production facilities.
  • Arrange to have QCI set up in your vendor systems in advance of ever needing to do a rework project.
  • Benefits – internal approvals and vendor set-up will help minimize delays when you need to quickly implement your rework project!

Tell us more about your project needs


  • What is the estimated quantity of inventory required to be reworked?
  • Where is the inventory at this time (eg. in distribution centers, in retail stores, on the water)?
  • Share details of the issue or work required for the project.
  • Have you already determined the preferred rework operations procedure for the project?
  • How soon does the project need to be completed?

Provide samples of the goods for review

Prepare to provide representative samples of the affected product to our team. We will examine the goods and handling required, process the samples for the customer’s inspection, and provide a scope of work that will include pricing along with production turnaround time estimates.  The benefit of processing samples is that it will allow us to accurately determine the most cost-effective pricing to complete the project.  Plus, QCI offers this no-obligation project analysis for free.

Preparation and planning are key

Time is of the essence for many rework projects. Based on our experience, some research will be required in advance of a project to minimize any potential delays. Questions and information to consider include, but may not be limited to the following:


  • Will any product testing be required as part of the rework project and how much time should be factored in to obtain results?
  • Depending upon the project’s characteristics, certain supplies, materials, or components may need to be obtained and factored into production timelines.  Determine or ask yourself, will any special equipment, custom tooling, or dies be required for the project?
  • Are any special replacement parts or components required?  Are they on hand or do they need to be sourced and, how much time will it take to obtain such parts or components?
  • Is there any new or specialized packaging required for the project?  Does any replacement packaging need to be provided (eg. customized poly bags, tissue, or labels with company logos)?
  • Is there any special ticketing or tagging changes required for the project?
  • Does the inventory need to meet any special vendor compliance requirements post rework such as unique pallet configuration standards, and carton labeling when goods are returned?
  • Who will be responsible for the cost of the rework?
  • Where is the inventory located and how can you best optimize the logistics of moving goods to/from the rework production facilities?



Outsourcing your product inspection or rework needs to an experienced 3rd party like Quality Corrections & Inspections can provide many opportunities.


  • Opportunity to turn potentially problematic goods into profitable merchandise and preserve your brand integrity. 
  • Meet merchandise availability needs and minimize stock-outs by choosing to rework, rather than return to the vendor. 
  • Quick responsiveness to help you meet seasonal business fluctuations when needed. 
  • Outsourcing special projects allow you to focus your company’s internal resources and energy on other high-value business functions. 
  • Avoid tying up valuable space in fulfillment or distribution centers with “dead inventory”.
  • Product rework can be a sustainable solution, playing a role in extending product life circularity.



Present your needs for a free confidential analysis – When any special project needs arise, we are here and ready to assess your needs. The process begins by: 


  • Submitting a free confidential project analysis on our QCI website or calling our toll-free phone number.
  • Identifying the type and known quantity of product affected. 
  • Providing a detailed description of the defect and its severity. 
  • Sharing information on where the affected product is currently located.
  • Sending any photos or videos that may be useful. 

Products are analyzed by QCI team – Upon receipt of the information above and obtaining samples, production and management teams will be very deliberate in analyzing and pricing every project carefully.  Our team will conduct a time study, cost analysis, and present an action plan to you and your team.  Processed samples will be returned to you and your team for inspection and review as well. 

Confirmation for inspection and/or rework – Once the scope of work is defined, a formal proposal will be generated with a detailed outline of each necessary step of the project. 

Project Mobilization – Once a project has been initiated, our team begins preparation for project mobilization and begins coordination efforts with the customer’s project manager. This involves obtaining any necessary supplies, raw materials, work instructions and order information to perform and execute the services outlined. 

Logistics, shipping, and receiving coordination – Your logistics team will work directly with QCI’s inbound project managers to coordinate the transfer of goods to our production facilities. 

Execution of project – The teams at QCI oversee the execution of each project to the exact specifications of the outlined scope of work. Finished goods are audited by internal quality inspectors to validate accuracy and consistency.

Completion with service excellence – All necessary data and any formalized reporting if required are provided to the customer.  As the project closes and the finished goods are returned, our project management team maintains communication with each customer to ensure all goods and services meet their satisfaction. 



Processing and production are customized to the specific individual needs of each client’s project.  Every project has unique characteristics and needs.  These could include but are not limited to: product design and construction features, materials, packaging, ticketing, tagging, vendor compliance requirements, and even waste streams generated from a project can vary widely.  Due to the variables involved, we examine and process physical representative samples at no cost to the customer so that we can accurately determine the most appropriate, cost-effective, price for a project.



Quality Corrections & Inspections is the #1 provider of inspection, repair, and rework services in the for the apparel, footwear, accessories, and consumer goods sectors in the U.S.  

We proudly service importers, retailers, manufacturers, distribution centers and direct-to-consumer businesses across the United States.  No matter where your product is located, QCI can quickly turn around high-volume inventories at both our east and west coast facilities. 

With over 35 years of experience in delivering superior results for companies across a variety of industries, and around the world, you can trust the quality and accuracy of QCI’s product inspection and rework services. Contact us today for a free project analysis. 


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