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FAQ’s About Product Import Compliance and Reworks

FAQ’s About Product Import Compliance and Reworks

Quality Corrections & Inspections performs a wide variety of product inspection, repair and rework services.  Many of our customers and clients that contact us for the first time or, those that are just learning about our services may come across an alphabet soup of acronyms and other terminology related to product inspections, repair and rework services.  Through our series of FAQ blogs on various subjects, we hope to share some of our insights on the who, what, when and why of product inspection, repair and rework.

In this edition, we are sharing our insights on product import compliance and some of the services that Quality Corrections & Inspections could possibly perform to help importers meet requirements.


What are some examples of Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and care labeling rules?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) enforces some important labeling rules on products sold in the U.S.  For example, footwear has specific labeling requirements for identifying country of origin and in some cases, there may be other special requirements with products containing wool, leather or fur.

A wide variety of clothing and textile products are also covered by certain FTC rules.  Some of the key provisions require that there are labels that inform the public of the fiber content of products, country of origin and the manufacturer or another business that is responsible for the marketing or handling the product.  In addition, there are rules to inform consumers as to how to best care for the product.  Fur and leather goods also have other unique requirements. 


Can labels be corrected to meet FTC requirements for my imported goods?  

Labels, ticketing and tagging of merchandise are key services provided by the specialists at Quality Corrections & Inspections.  Equipped with the expertise, resources and facilities to handle high-volume projects, the company regularly performs functions such as sewn-in tag corrections, heat stamped labels and much more.


What is the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)?  

The Consumer Product Safety Agency (CPSC) is an independent federal regulatory agency designed to “protect the public against risks of injuries and deaths associated with consumer products.”

The commission has the power to recall products and arranging for their repair, replacement, or refund.  They also ban products from sale when the risk outweighs the reward. 


How can a rework services provider such as Quality Corrections & Inspections assist an importer of goods that needs to solve a CPSC issue?

Working with a company’s quality assurance and product integrity specialists, Quality Corrections & Inspections will help determine approaches that will cost-effectively address any changes or modifications necessary in order to bring a product into compliance.    


Children’s products often have additional unique sets of rules or requirements.  What are some of the common repairs, corrections or reworks performed on children’s products?

There are numerous considerations and regulations that companies must consider when it comes to children’s products.  The requirements often vary from product type to product type as well.  For a quick high-level summary overview, the CPSC has an excellent overview on their website.

In our experience as product rework specialists, we’ve performed a variety of services for companies as they have had occasional needs to correct violations identified by regulators.  Some of our case study examples include:

Drawstrings on apparel – Removal or replacement of drawstrings on a product such as a children’s hoodie is a common service that QCI has performed for apparel companies.  Sewing operations are often utilized to cut out existing drawstrings and bar tacking holes closed when a drawstring removal is the preferred approach.  In other cases, existing drawstrings may be removed or shortened on thousands of units and replaced with drawstrings that meet required standards. 

Component part replacements – Toys, footwear and apparel often have a variety of pieces and parts which may require rework to meet various rules and requirements.  For example, there could be times when buttons, buckles or snaps may require replacement if it is determined that lead content limits have been exceeded.  QCI has regularly performed high-volume replacements of buttons, buckles and snaps on apparel, footwear and handbags for customers in the last 30 years.  Small parts may also be a concern on items such as children’s toys.  Overseas suppliers and importers may need to make product changes on thousands of units of product after they arrived stateside in cases where it is determined that certain parts do not meet standards.  


What Can You Tell Me About California Proposition 65 compliance?

Depending upon the types of products a company sells and where the products will be sold, there could be other requirements that may apply.  For example, certain products intended to be sold in California may be subject to Proposition 65.  The requirements basically require businesses to notify consumers if a product they are selling contains specific listed substances exceeding the state’s requirements.  

This warning can be provided in several ways, one of which could include by labeling the consumer product.  If a business finds itself in need of adding notification labels or affixing other types of warnings to thousands of goods to meet requirements, Quality Corrections & Inspections can perform these types of quick-turnaround services cost-effectively.


About QCI

Quality Corrections & Inspections is a provider of inspection, repair and reworks services for apparel, footwear, accessories and consumer goods.  We proudly service importers, retailers, manufacturers, distribution centers and direct-to-consumer businesses.  Conveniently located facilities on both the East and West Coast of the United States.

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