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QCI Plays Critical Role in Repairing & Restoring Imported Goods


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This article originally appeared in the Blair Business Mirror

Quality Corrections & Inspections plays a critical role in repairing and restoring imported goods to first quality condition.

In recent years, 98% of shoes and 97% of the apparel sold in the U.S. were imported. Percentages for other products such as accessories and consumer goods were rather high as well.

With so many retailers and e-commerce companies relying on imported goods for their stores and fast-changing selling seasons throughout the year, how do they handle those “uh oh’s” when merchandise arrives from overseas with problems?


Companies and Overseas Factories Rely on QCI


Many companies and overseas factories rely on Quality Corrections & Inspections (QCI) based right here in Duncansville to turn the problems around….not the ships. QCI also has a facility on the west coast in the Las Vegas, Nevada suburb of Henderson to provide a nationwide presence to service retailers and their distribution centers dispersed across the country.

QCI fixes issues quickly, by performing critical inspections and making repairs to non-conforming merchandise. Problems faced by companies vary widely and dozens of case studies are on QCI’s website.

“We’ve worked on numerous apparel and footwear repair and restoration projects for over 30 years,” said Mark Shaw, Global Operations Manager for Quality Corrections & Inspections. “Sewing repairs and reinforcement, hardware replacement, insole repairs, color bleeds, mold, odor and mildew remediation are just a few examples of the services we have provided regularly to customers.”

QCI also performs many other related services to help companies across a spectrum of industries to meet their needs in handling production overloads. Services in this area include contract assembly operations, kitting, or packaging and repackaging services for example.


QCI is Known for Fixing Quality Issues Quickly


Many look at QCI as a large production workshop handling different projects for multiple companies simultaneously. The array of services provided by QCI are not only beneficial for the large national firms that QCI regularly services, but they are also of great use to local and regional companies in Pennsylvania involved in importing, manufacturing or distribution that often need to seek these services in times of need.

With global supply chains undergoing new changes as a result of various factors such as tariff implications, proximity to raw materials, and diversifying production into multiple countries to name a few, QCI expects to continue playing an important role in supply chain management and logistics. New factories and new product sourcing locations are likely to put some strains on logistics teams as product problems are likely to be discovered in making their way from overseas locations to U.S. retailers and distribution centers. With east coast and west coast locations, QCI will be well-positioned to support logistics leaders and decision-makers in times of need.

QCI has been a member of the Blair County Chamber since 2000.

You can download the PDF of the original article here.

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